BrainPower with Lisa Branch

Welcome to BrainPower, a weekly column brought to you by Lisa Branch of LearningRx, a certified brain specialist, parent, grandparent, educator, and business owner right here in our Huntsville, Texas community. Lisa is on a mission to help you unlock the full potential of your brain—whether you’re a parent, senior, student, or business professional.

What Is BrainPower About?

We all have those moments when our brains seem to sputter and fail us—forgetting names, losing important papers, or simply feeling overwhelmed. BrainPower is here to help you understand the “why” behind these everyday challenges and offer practical, actionable tips to rev up your brain function.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Parents: Learn strategies to help your kids concentrate better in school and deal with the emotional traumas life may throw their way.
  • Seniors: Discover the brain-boosting tips that will keep your cognitive functions sharp as you age.
  • Business Professionals: Unlock productivity hacks that will help you work smarter, not harder.
  • Educators: Gain insights into the developing minds of your students to better assist them in their academic journey.
  • Anyone with a Brain!: Lisa’s advice is universally beneficial. If you have a brain, this column is for you!

Topics We Cover

  • Boosting Memory and Concentration
  • Emotional and Physical Trauma and the Brain
  • Cognitive Development in Children
  • Brain Health for Seniors
  • Stress Management
  • and more!

Why Should You Read BrainPower?

In times of community hardships, like recent fires and school-related issues, the stress and emotional toll can impact not just your life but your brain function as well. Lisa tackles these complex topics with expertise, providing actionable advice to help you and your family navigate life’s ups and downs.

Don’t miss the chance to unlock your brain’s full potential. Catch BrainPower every week on Hello Huntsville!

Improve your life one brain cell at a time!