Black Rose Photography Captures Life’s Treasured Moments

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Capture Every Moment with Elegance and Passion

Conroe, Texas, is home to the vibrant and versatile Black Rose Photography, helmed by the passionate Katie Ingle. The studio, widely known for its remarkable work in event photography, business branding, family portraits, and more, stands as a testament to Katie’s dedication and love for the craft.

Katie, the owner and lead photographer at Black Rose Photography, welcomes everyone with a message of beauty and empowerment. Her philosophy is centered around creating perfectly posed images that reflect the best in every client, leaving them with a proud smile and fantastic photographs.

Black Rose Photography is not just confined to Conroe. Katie’s willingness to travel means that no matter where your special event or vacation is, she is ready to join and capture every moment. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, a wedding, business parties, or just a family gathering, Katie is equipped to capture the essence and joy of your events.

Beyond events, Black Rose Photography offers professional services for business branding, ensuring that professional headshots and company branding are sleek, modern, and completely aligned with the client’s vision. Families are also invited to create beautiful artwork with Katie’s expertise, turning fleeting moments into cherished memories.

As the studio continues to grow, Katie’s mission remains steadfast: to work with amazing people and to produce beautiful, empowering photography. With every session, she brings her creativity, professionalism, and warm spirit, ensuring that every client walks away from their session feeling fantastic.

For those in the North Houston area looking to capture life’s moments with professional finesse and a personal touch, Black Rose Photography stands ready to turn your visions into beautifully crafted realities. Contact Katie to book your session and join the many satisfied clients who have experienced the magic of Black Rose Photography.

For inquiries or to book a session with Black Rose Photography, you can reach out via email at To explore more of their work or to get in touch, visit the website at, or connect via phone at 936-647-5419. Stay updated with the latest shoots and stories by following them on Facebook at Whether you’re planning a special event or looking for a stunning portrait, Black Rose Photography is ready to capture your moments.

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