Fellowship of Christian Athletes Piney Woods West Celebrates a Year of Growth and Grace

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FCA PWW Celebrates Community Growth, Athletic Achievement, and Faithful Leadership in 2023

Huntsville, TX – The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Piney Woods West (PWW) chapter has released its culminating newsletter for 2023, sharing a year filled with inspiration, community growth, and spiritual enrichment.

An athlete proudly holds up a baseball at the FCA camp at Texas A&M, showcasing the spirit of the 2023 summer camp. (Courtesy of FCA Piney Woods West Facebook)

The annual Victory Banquet in May set a triumphant tone, gathering students, coaches, and community members to share powerful testimonies and prayers. The event, notable for its heartfelt narratives, also underscored the chapter’s commitment to nurturing local talent, successfully sponsoring 18 students to attend the FCA Sports Camp at Texas A&M University.

The FCA Sports Camp was highlighted as a transformative experience, notably for camper Gaby, whose reluctance turned into a fervent plea to stay and continue her spiritual journey. This shift is emblematic of the camp’s impact, fostering a deeper connection to faith and community among the participants.

Back on home ground, the FCA Huddles, weekly gatherings for devotion and fellowship, saw remarkable participation. Over 250 students across Walker County schools, including Huntsville High School and Alpha Omega Academy, regularly engaged in these spirited sessions, with Huntsville High School’s Huddle tripling in average attendance.

An intentional discipleship program called “FCA Warriors” was also launched, creating a support network for student-athletes striving to live out their faith actively. Among them, JT Kroll from Huntsville High School was celebrated for his compassionate spirit both on and off the field.

The year also marked significant expansions for the FCA PWW staff. Angela Valis stepped into the role of Area Director, leading a team dedicated to impacting every segment of the school community. The staff’s commitment, supported by donors and community partners, ensures a broad and lasting influence.

The FCA’s Coaches Breakfast continued to offer a space for encouragement and unity among local school coaches. December’s gathering at the new Huntsville High School Field House exemplifies the chapter’s ongoing efforts to appreciate and support educational leaders.

Culminating with the Fields of Faith event in November, the chapter saw an eightfold increase in student participation, a testament to the growing spiritual movement among the youth. The evening was marked by shared worship and testimonies, setting a hopeful precedent for the following year.

As 2023 concludes, the FCA PWW team extends heartfelt gratitude to its supporters and shares blessings for the holiday season. With a vision cast for further growth and impact in 2024, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Piney Woods West is poised to continue its mission of guiding young people in their faith and athletic pursuits.

For more information about FCA Piney Wood West, visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/FCAPWW or the FCA PWW website at https://www.fcapww.org/.

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