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Huntsville High School Hosts Criminal Justice Competition, Increased Police and Emergency Services Presence Expected

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Huntsville High’s CJ Program Competition: A Day of Learning and Law Enforcement

HUNTSVILLE, TX – Huntsville Independent School District (HISD) announced an upcoming Criminal Justice Program Student Competition to be held at Huntsville High School on Saturday, December 9, 2023. The district is advising community members not to be alarmed by the heightened presence of law enforcement and emergency services personnel.

The competition will see students from various schools participating in activities designed to test their skills and knowledge in criminal justice. Residents and visitors in the area can expect to see a noticeable increase in police and emergency vehicles around Huntsville High School. The district has advised that sirens, flashing lights, and frequent vehicle movements are part of the day’s proceedings and should not cause concern.

The event represents a collaboration between the school’s Criminal Justice Program and various law enforcement agencies, highlighting the importance of practical, experiential learning in education. HISD has expressed its commitment to ensuring a safe and educational environment for all participants and spectators during this event.

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