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Huntsville High School Senior Scholarship and Awards Ceremony Shatters Records with $4,575,000 in Scholarships Awarded

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Huntsville, Texas – On the evening of May 22, 2023, Huntsville High School held its highly anticipated Senior Scholarship and Awards Ceremony, honoring the remarkable achievements of its graduating seniors. The event proved to be an extraordinary occasion as a staggering $4,575,000 in scholarships were awarded, setting a new record for the school.

The ceremony commenced with Principal Paul Trevino delivering an inspiring speech, acknowledging the dedication and hard work of the senior class.

As the ceremony unfolded, the spotlight fell on the “Celebration of Excellence,” which recognized the top 10 students in alphabetical order. These exceptional individuals, who have consistently excelled academically, are as follows:

Justin Angstadt
Fredy Cortez
Luke Durham
Joshua Glover
Kaius Glover
Tyler Pomeroy
Jimmy Rivas
Thomas Rose
Noelle Sandmann
Nathan Schweitzer

Celebration of Excellence Awards Winners

Among the top students, Noelle Sandmann was named the Salutatorian, while Tyler Pomeroy claimed the prestigious title of Valedictorian, an exceptional achievement that reflects their exceptional academic prowess and dedication.

Noelle Sandmann, 2023 Huntsville High School Salutatorian
Tyler Pomeroy, 2023 Huntsville High School Valedictorian

In addition to academic achievements, other outstanding students were also recognized during the ceremony. Kenry Avila received a well-deserved perfect attendance award.

The ceremony further showcased the remarkable achievements of Huntsville High School students through various special academic scholarships. Huntsville High School College and Career Counselor, Dawn Shaw, presented the following scholarships:

Smith-Hutson Scholarship – Lamar University – Joey Mann
Gates Scholarship – Texas A&M University – Fredy Cortez
QuestBridge Scholarship – Colby College – Randi Radcliffe

Special Academic Scholarships Award Winners

Representatives from Sam Houston State University, including Chris Garcia, took the stage to present the Sam Houston State University Smith-Hutson Scholarship to the following deserving students:

Ciera Austin
Chloe Brisher
Manuel Castillo
Aleece Chesshir
Catalina Lopez
Emelia Lopez
Emely Mejia
Jacob Mejia
Brianna McKibben-McNeil
Alexis Serrano
Ja’Darrius Smith

Sam Houston State University Smith-Hutson Scholarship Award Winners

Throughout the evening, numerous other awards were presented to acknowledge the students’ exceptional achievements. Marsha Stringer, Lead Counselor, presented the Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award to Hannah Mathiews and Tyler Pomeroy for their outstanding citizenship and dedication to their community.

HISD Athletic Director Rodney Southern recognized Tyler Pomeroy as the recipient of the Scholar Athlete Award, highlighting his remarkable achievements both in sports and academics.

Sgt. Layne Salinas of the United States Marine Corps took the stage to present the Semper Fidelis Award to Rubi Gonzalez and Kaius Noble.

Semper Fidelis Award Winners

The Distinguished Athlete Award was proudly bestowed upon Kye’ana Washington and Matt Tatum, while the Academic Excellence Award was presented to Noelle Sandmann and Luke Durham, highlighting their outstanding achievements in both academic and extracurricular pursuits.

In total, over 230 students at Huntsville High School were recognized and celebrated for their exceptional accomplishments, receiving awards and scholarships that will undoubtedly pave the way for their future endeavors. The Huntsville community joins together in congratulating these remarkable individuals for their dedication, hard work, and unwavering pursuit of excellence. May their achievements inspire future generations to reach even greater heights.

See below for a copy the full program, including all the scholarships presented.

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