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Huntsville ISD Celebrates Sarah Muñoz: Named 2023 Region 6 School Support Person of the Year

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Sarah Muñoz: A Legacy of Dedication at Huntsville ISD

HUNTSVILLE, TX — Dedication and unwavering commitment are two attributes that Sarah Muñoz has demonstrated throughout her impressive 30-year tenure at Huntsville ISD. It is no surprise, then, that she was recently honored with the title of 2023 Region 6 School Support Person of the Year.

Sarah Muñoz, who dedicated a substantial 27 years of her service to Samuel Walker Houston Elementary School, is not only a treasure for the district but also an embodiment of loyalty and commitment to education in Huntsville. She has, throughout her career, provided invaluable support to students, teachers, staff, and the community at large.

Photo courtesy of Huntsville ISD’s Facebook: Sarah Muñoz and Huntsville ISD Superintendent Dr. Scott Sheppard share a handshake.

During the 2023 End of the Year staff awards program, Muñoz’s exemplary service was recognized as she was bestowed with HISD’s Support Person of the Year title. This internal recognition was just the beginning as Huntsville ISD, acknowledging her immense contribution, nominated her for the regional title — an honor she subsequently clinched.

The joyous announcement was made even more memorable during a recent Board of Trustees Meeting. Steve Pierce, a representative from Education Service Center Region 6, graced the occasion, surprising Mrs. Muñoz with the award presentation.

While Mrs. Muñoz might have recently entered her well-earned retirement, the district made it clear with a cheeky note: “You CAN always go back home again!” The post concluded by encouraging Mrs. Muñoz to savor her retirement moments and ended with the spirited hashtags #HornetProud and #BuildingChampions.

Community members and fellow educators have showered praises and congratulatory messages on Huntsville ISD’s Facebook page, a testament to the remarkable influence and impact Mrs. Muñoz has had on countless lives over her three-decade-long journey.