RESCHEDULED: Huntsville Mayor Inaugural Ball to Give Back to Community

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Elegant Gala for Community Growth and Non-Profit Support

HUNTSVILLE, Texas — Mayor Russell Humphrey of Huntsville is introducing the city’s first Mayor’s Ball, a gala event aimed at fostering community bonds and supporting local non-profits, showcasing his dedication to fulfilling campaign promises of community service and involvement. The event has now been rescheduled for September 26, 2024, from 7 to 10 PM at The Vintage, located at 1029 12th Street in downtown Huntsville. Guests are encouraged to wear formal attire to this elegant affair, more details to come soon.

Event coordinator and the mayor’s daughter, Samantha Havard, provided insight into the inspiration behind the ball. “When he was elected as mayor, my mom, some of her friends, and I discussed how important it is for elected officials to act on their promises. This event is a testament to that belief,” Havard explained. She emphasized the need to bridge the gap between political promises and action, positioning the ball as an embodiment of such commitments.

“The building was a popular establishment when both my parents were in college here. Redoing that building has been incredibly meaningful, especially for my dad. Deep down, we know he’s thrilled to revisit that space in such a special way,” Havard noted, reflecting on the choice of venue at The Vintage.

The ball is fundamentally a philanthropic effort aimed at benefiting organizations that hold special significance to Mayor Humphrey and the broader community. This year, CASA of Walker County and Walker County’s Meals on Wheels will receive the event’s proceeds. “We decided on hosting a ball not for his benefit, but to support organizations dear to him and my mom. This aligns with our family’s values and his campaign’s vision,” Havard stated, highlighting the gala’s charitable focus.

The selection of CASA and Meals on Wheels as the inaugural beneficiaries underscores their vital contributions to the community—CASA by advocating for children in the custody of Child Protective Services, and Meals on Wheels by delivering meals to seniors to help them age with dignity. Havard shared a personal anecdote about volunteering with Meals on Wheels with her father, showcasing the Humphrey family’s hands-on approach to community service. “That’s how he became interested in Meals on Wheels. He saw its value to the community firsthand,” she recounted, emphasizing the personal commitment driving the event.

Set in the historical heart of downtown Huntsville, the Mayor’s Ball is not just a social event; it is a manifestation of Mayor Humphrey’s campaign promise to “continue to give back and continue to grow the community.” With an entry fee of $50 per person, the gala is poised to make a significant impact, fostering a legacy of community engagement and public service in Huntsville.

Tickets for the Mayor’s Ball are available for purchase online. To secure your spot at this significant community event, visit This is an extraordinary opportunity to join a night of elegance while supporting vital local non-profits and the community at large.

While the majority of the proceeds are directed to non-profits, the event also serves as a campaign event, underlining the importance of fundraising for continued community projects and the mayor’s initiatives. Additionally, for those interested in community partner opportunities, contact Samantha Havard to explore available options, as there are some opportunities left to support this endeavor.