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As Huntsville residents continue to recover from the devastating impact of Hurricane Beryl, several organizations have stepped forward to provide much-needed resources and support. The hurricane, which struck the area recently as a Tropical Storm, caused widespread damage, leaving many families in urgent need of assistance.

Federal assistance is also available to residents impacted by Hurricane Beryl. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is offering the following resources:

Residents are encouraged to visit FEMA’s website or call their helpline for more information on available federal resources. Local assistance can be accessed by contacting the respective organizations directly or visiting their websites.

In addition to federal resources, Local organizations are actively offering various forms of aid to those affected:

First Baptist Church Huntsville – First Baptist Church Huntsville is a Harbor of Hope for our community as we rebuild after Beryl’s impact. If you need a place to cool off or any assistance, please call our church office at 936-291-3441 Monday-Thursday 8AM – 3PM. We’re here to help or guide you to the right resources.

Huntsville Public Library – WiFi and open computer lab, A/C – A Cool comfortable place to come read. 1219 13th Street Huntsville – 936-291-5472

Walker County OEM – If you are looking for more information on the local effects of Hurricane Beryl, the Walker County OEM has a helpful app that provides information on road closures, power outages, and River/Creek Gauges. The QR code below will take you to a link where you can download the app. Their social media page also posts helpful information. An additional resource to view road closures is

Walker County Storm Shelter – The Walker County Storm Shelter has been opened for overnight sheltering for those without power in their homes. All residents are welcome, however, this is not a medical shelter and it is not a pet shelter. Service animals are allowed. Anyone with medical needs that require care should go to the Huntsville Memorial Hospital. Residents that stay at the shelter will be fed three meals a day and have a cool place to stay and use of electricity for medical supplies.

For ongoing updates and information on recovery efforts, follow local news outlets and community bulletin boards. Together, Huntsville is committed to rebuilding and supporting one another through this recovery process.

If your organization is assisting and is not on this list, please contact us below with the details so we can add it.

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