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Mayoral Candidate Russell Humphrey to Host Grill & Gather Event at The Vintage

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Community-focused event aims to boost Humphrey’s campaign through good food, silent auctions, and summertime fun

HUNTSVILLE, Texas – Russell Humphrey, a mayoral candidate of Huntsville, is hosting an event, Grill & Gather, to support his campaign on Monday, July 24 at The Vintage, a new venue at 1029 12th Street.

As described by Melanie Shilling, Humphrey’s campaign consultant, the event is “a community event to bring everybody out for a good old summertime evening where everyone can participate.”

Grill & Gather, running from 5 to 7 p.m., features “grilled hot dogs with celebrity grillers” and a silent auction with notable items like a set of Astros tickets for September. Attendees can also look forward to campaign merchandise such as T-shirts and hats.

“Celebrity” chefs will be there grilling up food including Clint McLaren (Wiesner General Manager), Down Brown (Seven OG’s), Frank Olivarez (Frank’s Tacos), Jason Henderson (Fearless Performance), Sam Jhagiana (Lee Baron), Rob Hipp (Hello Huntsville), and Weldon Wallace (TCS Flooring).

“We’re looking forward to a fun event with everybody. It’ll be hot, but we’re embracing the heat and enjoying summertime,” Shilling expressed during a call.

Admission is $10, while kids under five can attend for free. The event is aimed to be inclusive, intending to draw a diverse cross-section of the Huntsville community. “We want everyone in town to feel like they’re welcome and they are,” Shilling noted.

Humphrey, a dedicated businessman and community member, announced his mayoral candidacy earlier this year. As mayor pro tem, he is keenly interested in protecting Huntsville, focusing on infrastructure and budget management. Shilling states, “He knows that we as a city have to have improvement and we have to have the infrastructure, but he also knows that it’s not fair or prudent to overburden the city budgets with unnecessary things.”

Humphrey aims for a business-friendly economy while protecting taxpayers. “That’s just who Russell is,” Shilling said. “We want everybody to come out to get to know him.”

Further information about the Grill & Gather event and Humphrey’s campaign can be found on the Russell Humphrey for Mayor Facebook page.

The Grill & Gather promises to be a fun and engaging event, with Shilling adding, “The crowd will make it fun but the silent auction and the domino tournament… it’s going to be different. Not a stuff shirt campaign. It’s going to be fun.”

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