Ray Hernandez Celebrates Four Years at Huntsville Chamber’s Helm

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Leader Reflects on Growth, Advocates Community Collaboration

HUNTSVILLE, TX – As Ray Hernandez, CEO and President of the Huntsville-Walker County Chamber of Commerce, celebrates his four-year anniversary with the organization, the chamber has seen significant growth and evolution. Hernandez attributes this progress to the committed staff and supportive community.

“The staff and community are the lifeblood of our organization,” Hernandez shared. “Our team members, some of whom have served for 20 years, bring an unparalleled historical knowledge and passion for this community. We’ve also had invaluable support from our board directors, chairs, committee members, volunteers, vendors, and sponsors.”

Ray Hernandez, CEO and President of the Huntsville-Walker County Chamber of Commerce speaks with Rob Hipp of Hello Huntsville on July 3, 2023.

In his tenure, Hernandez has focused on defining the value proposition of the Chamber, ensuring that the business advocacy organization remains relevant and continues to serve its members effectively. By drawing on his experience from leading three other chambers over almost 23 years, Hernandez has guided the organization towards innovative practices that serve its members better.

“Continually striving for improvement is vital,” Hernandez emphasized. “Under my leadership, we have never allowed complacency. We’ve striven to be more open to change.”

Hernandez highlighted the Chamber’s significant role in the passage of the Huntsville Independent School District (ISD) bond election. This achievement, the first of its kind in twenty-three years, secured an investment of $127 million for school facilities and athletics in Huntsville.

“When I think about the Chamber’s accomplishments, the ISD bond election stands out,” Hernandez said. “Our leadership role in this achievement will impact the community for generations to come.”

The Huntsville-Walker County Chamber of Commerce’s story doesn’t end here. In Hernandez’s view, the Chamber’s role extends to helping guide and show diverse ways to address community issues based on best practices from other growing communities.

Looking to the future, Hernandez has a clear vision for the Chamber’s development. The plan is two-fold: actively listening to the community’s diverse perspectives and encouraging organizations to break free from silos to collaborate for the community’s benefit.

“There are many hands lifting the community, but we need more to come together and stand shoulder-to-shoulder,” Hernandez shared passionately. “It’s easy to stand on the sidelines. It’s harder to get into the fray and do the back-breaking work. We need more people to step forward.”

Hernandez invites everyone, whether they’ve been involved with the Chamber before or not, to contribute to its mission. He concludes: “Come and call us, e-mail us, drop by the office, and learn a little bit more about what the Chamber does. I’m very optimistic about the future of this community and, frankly, the future of Texas.”

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