River Oaks Drive Reopens After Major Flood-Control Upgrades

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Months of Construction Culminate in Enhanced Drainage System in Huntsville

Huntsville, Texas — River Oaks Drive in the Elkins Lake subdivision has officially reopened as of November 21, 2023, following months of construction work aimed at improving drainage and flood control. This effort concludes a project mentioned in a December 2020 city council meeting, where Huntsville officials outlined a plan to invest about $1.9 million in flood-control measures in response to the area’s vulnerability to stormwater.

River Oaks Drive in the Elkins Lake subdivision, pictured here, reopens to the public following a comprehensive flood control construction project. Photo by Rob Hipp.

The project, largely funded by the Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery program, focused on enhancing drainage crossings, elevating streets, and stabilizing surrounding areas to better manage water flow. These improvements were critical in addressing the frequent flooding experienced on River Oaks Drive and West Greenbriar Drive, especially following the significant impact of Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

Severe flooding engulfs River Oaks Drive in Elkins Lake, Huntsville, captured in this May 2021 photo. The recent flood control upgrades aim to prevent such occurrences in the future. Photo courtesy of the Elkins Lake Facebook Group.

With the reopening of River Oaks Drive, residents in the area anticipate a significant reduction in flood risks, marking a key milestone in Huntsville’s efforts to bolster its infrastructure against natural disasters and enhance community safety.

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