Sam Houston State University Entrepreneurship Program Expands, Engages Community

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Assistant Professor Kyle Scott Drives Program Growth with Community Involvement

HUNTSVILLE, TX – Sam Houston State University’s College of Business Administration is experiencing a significant expansion in its entrepreneurship program, spearheaded by the newly appointed Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, Kyle Scott. The program, which has grown rapidly to become one of the largest and fastest-growing majors within the college, is now focusing on deeper community integration and practical, real-world experiences for its students.

Professor Scott, who joined the faculty in the fall, brings a unique blend of academic and real-world entrepreneurial experience. With a PhD in political science and a successful career as an entrepreneur, including ventures in the automotive and industrial filtration systems sectors, Scott is well-equipped to guide the next generation of entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneurship program at Sam Houston State University aims to reshape students’ perceptions of entrepreneurship, moving beyond the stereotypical images of high-profile figures like Elon Musk. Instead, the focus is on creating opportunities within local communities. Scott emphasizes the importance of practical experience, stating, “It’s not all in a textbook. Let them know it’s real.”

One of the key strategies of the program is to establish connections within the local community. This involves bringing in guest lecturers from various industries, like local business owner Sunil M Jhangiani of Lee Baron Fashions, who shared his journey from running a suit store to becoming one of the top Nike sellers in the region. These interactions provide students with a closer look at the realities of business expansion, financial management, and the challenges of entrepreneurship.

Scott and his team are actively seeking to involve local businesses in the educational process. They aim to create experiential learning opportunities where students can work on real-life projects. This approach not only benefits the students but also provides local businesses with fresh perspectives and potential solutions to challenges they might face.

In a recent conversation, Scott highlighted the need for community input to ensure the program’s relevance and effectiveness. “We need to know from businesses what they want from our graduates,” he said, emphasizing the importance of aligning the program with the needs of the local business community.

Sam Houston State University’s entrepreneurship program is not just about imparting knowledge; it’s about creating a symbiotic relationship between the university, its students, and the local community. By doing so, the program ensures that its graduates are not just well-educated but also well-prepared to contribute meaningfully to their communities and the wider business world.

For more information or to get involved with the program, interested parties can reach out to Kyle Scott via email at or by phone at 713-805-0581.

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