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Sam Houston State’s Jared Hensley Talks Culture, Transition, and the Future of the Bearkats

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Bearkats Linebacker Coach Reveals Game Plan for FBS Transition

HUNTSVILLE, Texas – As the dog days of summer continue, the heat isn’t the only thing turning up the intensity at Sam Houston State University. The Bearkats’ football program is abuzz with excitement, and nobody seems more invigorated than Linebackers Coach Jared Hensley.

During a recent interview with Rob Hipp of Behind the Bearkats, Hensley reflected on the program’s culture, their recent successes, and what’s on the horizon.

“These guys have been together for a long time,” Hensley remarked about his players. “It’s just a blessing to be around them every day. They bring more out of me than I bring out of them.”

A notable mention came when Hipp touched on the program’s resilience, especially during a challenging year that saw them crowned as national champions at the FCS level. For Hensley, the term “culture” isn’t just a buzzword, but something palpable within the program.

“When we walk in the building, you can see the culture at work. It’s not just a slogan. These guys live it,” emphasized Hensley. He believes the trials they’ve faced have refined their identity, making both players and coaches tougher.

Their recent transition to the FBS has injected an added level of exhilaration. With significant matchups like BYU on their slate, Hensley senses no intimidation among his linebackers, only excitement and anticipation. “A lot of these guys didn’t get the opportunities to get recruited by some of the schools on our schedule this year. Now, it’s a chance to go against them in a competitive environment,” he explained.

Hensley was also effusive in his praise for Dr. White, the university’s president, and her vision for the program. Echoing her sentiments, he affirmed, “Sam Houston State is the best kept secret in Texas. The world will find out, hopefully, this fall.”

As the conversation rounded back to specifics, Hensley revealed what fans could expect from his linebackers this season. Detail and communication are at the forefront of their training sessions. “It’s a detail-oriented group, and they take pride in it. They want to learn and be coached,” Hensley noted.

The jovial exchange between Hipp and Hensley concluded with a lighthearted observation about Hensley’s seemingly youthful appearance. Both shared a laugh before Hipp signed off, promising continued coverage as the season approaches.

For now, the message from Sam Houston State is clear: the Bearkats are poised and ready to make their mark in the FBS. And if Hensley’s passion is any indicator, the future is looking incredibly bright in Huntsville.

Watch the full interview below.

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