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SHSU Golf Clinic Opens a New World of Sports for Boys & Girls Club of Walker County Youth

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For a third time, the Boys & Girls Club of Walker County participated in a golf clinic led by the Sam Houston State University (SHSU) Golf team. The event introduced many of the young participants to golf for the first time, broadening their horizons beyond traditional team sports like football, basketball, and baseball.

Michelle Spencer, CEO of the Boys & Girls Club of Walker County, expressed her enthusiasm for the program, stating, “We are truly excited about introducing a different type of sport to the kids. Many of our kids know football, basketball, and baseball. For many of the children, golf is a sport that is entirely new to them. Giving them the opportunity to learn new things helps prepare them for later in life.”

The clinic provided a comprehensive introduction to golf, teaching participants key terminology such as “the box,” “fairway,” and “rough.” Many of the young attendees had never even picked up a golf club before, but by the end of the event, they had learned essential skills like pre-swing fundamentals, grip, aim, setup, club face control, swing plane, pivot, and width in their golf swings. In addition, they were taught the importance of discipline, honesty, and practice in the sport.

The event would not have been possible without the support and guidance of Brandt Kieschnick, Head Coach, Assistant Coaches Lake Leroux, and Jenna Young, as well as Jerri Baker, who coordinated and brought the golf clinic to the Boys and Girls Club. A special mention goes to the Bearkat Course, which generously allowed the young participants to complete their lessons by playing on the course and getting the full golf experience.

Bobby Walton of First Christian Church generously provided transportation for the participants, ensuring that everyone could attend and enjoy the day’s activities.

The young attendees left the clinic with a newfound appreciation for golf, certificates of completion to mark their achievements, and the experience of practicing their skills on a real golf course. This event exposed them to a new sport and created lasting memories and opened up the possibility of a lifelong interest in golf.

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