Tomorrow’s Promise Montessori Academy Opens New Doors in Huntsville

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Expanding Excellence: Third Location Offers Enhanced Early Education Opportunities

Huntsville, TX – Tomorrow’s Promise Montessori Academy is set to open its doors to a new facility on March 1st, located at 1157 Veterans Memorial Parkway, Huntsville, TX 77320. This marks the third location for the esteemed educational institution, aiming to provide unparalleled early childhood education.

Kaye Boehning, Founder and President of Tomorrow’s Promise, shared her vision and the serendipitous journey towards the expansion. “We started looking for a third location, and God put it on my heart,” Boehning said. Despite initially not needing more space, the decision to expand became providential as the other two locations quickly filled up, underscoring the demand for quality Montessori education in the area.

The new property, not initially for sale, became a part of Tomorrow’s Promise through the proactive efforts of their realtor. “The property was not for sale, but our realtor contacted them anyway, and they agreed to sell,” Boehning explained, highlighting the determination to grow and serve more families.

When asked about her aspirations for the new location, Boehning emphasized the importance of early childhood development. “We envision continuing to offer the best start available for children and to give them the best advantages to start off their lives,” she stated. “So much of their brain development happens during the first five years. They need the best environment possible during that time to influence the rest of their lives.”

The new academy can accommodate up to 132 children, with room for future expansion. The opening will see the main building operational as part of phase one, with plans to utilize and expand the second building in phase two. The facility will feature large secure outdoor play areas, emphasizing the safety and well-being of the children.

This new location is notably the first on the west side of the interstate, making it conveniently accessible for families residing in that part of town. Charlotte Baker, a veteran with almost 25 years at Tomorrow’s Promise Montessori Schools (TPMS), will oversee the academy as its director.

Operating hours for the new academy will be from 6:30 AM to 7:30 PM. For enrollment inquiries and more information, interested parties can call 936-435-0303 or visit their website at

Founded in September 1997, Tomorrow’s Promise Montessori Schools have established a legacy of excellence in early childhood education. The opening of this new location reaffirms their commitment to providing children with the best possible start in life, building on a foundation of love, learning, and growth.

This expansion not only reflects the success and demand for quality Montessori education in Huntsville but also embodies the vision and dedication of its founder, Kaye Boehning, and her team. Tomorrow’s Promise Montessori Academy continues to set the standard for nurturing and educating the leaders of tomorrow.