Walker County Courthouse Lawn Brightened by Nativity Scene

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Nativity Scene Illuminates Walker County Courthouse, a Tomorrow’s Promise Initiative

HUNTSVILLE, Texas – This holiday season, the front lawn of the Walker County Courthouse in Huntsville, Texas, has been graced with a nativity scene, a vision turned into reality by Kaye Boehning, Founder and President of Tomorrow’s Promise Montessori Schools. This marks the second year that the courthouse lawn off University Avenue has hosted such a display.

The idea originated at a Downtown Business Alliance meeting, where discussions about Christmas decorations led to the suggestion of a nativity scene at the courthouse. “We were talking about the Christmas lights when someone mentioned putting a nativity scene on the courthouse lawn. I immediately loved the idea,” Boehning said.

The design and creation of the scene were a collaborative effort between Boehning and Blaine McCadam of McCadam Wood Creations. “The white color of the scene represents its purity and simplicity, conveying a powerful message,” Boehning explained.

The Huntsville Downtown Business Alliance played a crucial role in making this vision a reality, with support from local government officials. “Our local government supports the idea, and it should be there for years to come,” Boehning added. She hopes that as people drive by, they are reminded of “the beauty of Christ coming to save us from our sins.”

Plans are underway to create another nativity scene next year at the new Tomorrow’s Promise Academy on Veterans Memorial Parkway, which is set to open soon.

Tomorrow’s Promise Montessori Schools, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, has been an integral part of the Huntsville community, offering quality childcare and education based on the Montessori Method. Founded in 1997 by Kaye Boehning, the school has been driven by Christian values and a commitment to quality education. In 2023, Boehning was recognized as the SBA Houston District Rural Business Owner of the Year, a testament to her dedication and the school’s excellence.

Tomorrow’s Promise offers a unique curriculum that goes beyond rote learning, emphasizing safety, security, and cultural enrichment. It has committed significant resources to ensure top-tier education and care, including a substantial investment in new learning materials, books, arts and crafts, and playground equipment.

The organization also plays a vital role in the community, partnering with Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library to promote literacy and regularly engaging in community activities. Tomorrow’s Promise operates at multiple locations in Huntsville and is eagerly anticipating the opening of its new academy.

For more information about Tomorrow’s Promise Montessori Schools and their programs, visit their website at https://www.tpms.life, contact them at 936-435-0303 or office@tpms.life.