Executive Director of Boys & Girls Club Michelle Spencer Featured on BYUtv’s BIG Stories

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Michelle Spencer and Boys & Girls Club of Walker County spotlighted during SHSU’s NCAA Division I FBS debut against BYU.

HUNTSVILLE, TX — When Sam Houston State University (SHSU) Football moved up to the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS), the spotlight didn’t just shine on the athletes. Michelle Spencer, Executive Director of Boys & Girls Club of Walker County, was featured in a special episode of BYUtv’s documentary series, BIG Stories.

BYUtv aimed to highlight extraordinary people and projects in the cities of their opponents, leading them to reach out to SHSU. The university responded affirmatively, and a recommendation was made to feature Michelle Spencer and the Boys & Girls Club.

Celebrating Community Service

Spencer was recognized for her ongoing commitment to community service in Walker County. Selected from candidates highlighted in SHSU’s Spring 2023 Heritage Magazine, Spencer and the Boys & Girls Club of Walker County became the subjects of an eight-minute reel produced by BYUtv.

BYUtv dispatched a dedicated team of producers, camera crews, and interviewers to Huntsville. Over three days, they captured the tireless work done by the Boys & Girls Club, as well as interviews with SHSU’s President, faculty, and students who collaborate with the organization.

Beyond the Documentary

Spencer’s recognition went beyond the local community; she and husband, Winston were flown to Provo, Utah, for SHSU’s debut game against Brigham Young University (BYU). The special aired during a pregame interview on the field, capturing the attention of 87,000 BYUtv viewers.

“It was an overwhelming experience,” said Spencer. “We were treated like celebrities, enjoying Utah’s hospitality and meeting some amazing people along the way.”

A Lifetime Dedicated to Service

Spencer emphasized that her life’s work has never been about awards or recognition, but rather making a positive impact on the lives of children in her community.

“I am fortunate to have an incredible team and a community that has embraced my vision to serve children,” Spencer said.

For Michelle Spencer, this moment serves as a rewarding affirmation of her dedication to community service: “The Lord just keeps showing me that His grace is sufficient and as long as I continue to follow Him, I will be rewarded.”

Watch the full episode by clicking here.

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