Farm Fest 2023: Community, Family & Veteran Support at Agape Farms

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Richards, Texas — Nestled in the heart of the Sam Houston National Forest, Agape Farms is set to host Farm Fest 2023, a community festival aimed at uniting families for a day of fundraising, food, and heartfelt enjoyment. Scheduled for Saturday, September 23, the event is in collaboration with Alpha Elite Performance Outdoors, a local organization dedicated to veterans’ well-being.

A Focus on Veterans

The festival aims to raise funds for Alpha Elite, a Montgomery-based organization that not only operates a supplement business but also organizes hunting trips and outdoor excursions for veterans. “We’re really raising money for them, but we’re also hoping to be a resource for veterans,” says Brittany Teel, a volunteer for the event. Alpha Elite focuses on veterans who have faced extreme amounts of stress and challenges through their service, offering them unique experiences to build community and access further resources.

Another program highlighted during the event is Homegrown by Heroes, which assists veterans in entering the farming industry. “They actually help veterans get into the farming side of things and give them a seal of their approval that they’ve been trained and that what they’re doing is good,” Teel added.

Family-Friendly Activities

The festival will feature a range of attractions and activities including live music, farm animals, face painting, and even unique machinery for kids to explore. “We wanted it to be family-friendly,” Teel explains, “It’s like an oversized farmers market with entertainment planned.”

Vendors at the event will host their own games, prizes, and demonstrations, aiming to create a festive yet educational experience. While the list of unique activities is still being finalized, attendees can expect old-school yard games like washers and volleyball, as well as demonstrations tailored to each vendor’s offerings.

Natural Setting Enhances Experience

Located just west of the north side of Lake Conroe off Bethel Rd in Richards, Texas, Agape Farms offers a tranquil setting in line with the event’s focus on community and nature. “Sam Houston National Forest has all kinds of things to offer and it’s massive,” said Teel. “You get to kind of get that feeling of getting away from the craziness of life and getting back to nature.”

Practical Information

The festival encourages attendees to bring picnic food, blankets, kites, and other outdoor games. There are no specific restrictions on what can be brought to the event, and parking will be simple, with a designated ‘parking pasture’ and one entrance to funnel visitors directly to the festivities.

Proceeds from Farm Fest will also support the Rise School, a previous fundraiser focus, dedicated to special needs education.

For a day focused on community support, natural beauty, and family enjoyment, Agape Farms Farm Fest 2023 offers something for everyone, especially those looking to support a meaningful cause.

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