Hornets’ JT Kroll Discusses Season Transition and Team Chemistry

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Hornets’ Senior Lineman Opens Up About Moving from Defense to Offense, Recent Game Highlights, and Team Morale.

Huntsville, TX — In an exclusive interview with Rob Hipp of Hello Huntsville, JT Kroll, the Huntsville Hornets’ Senior Offensive Lineman, spoke candidly about his shift from defense to offense this season, the team’s recent clash against A&M Consolidated, and the anticipation for the forthcoming game against Bryan.

A newly converted offensive lineman, Kroll previously played as a defensive tackle for the Hornets. When asked what triggered the move, Kroll stated, “I like just the mentality of the O-line a little more. It’s more controlled aggression than it is on defense. On the offensive line, you got to be a little smarter with it, so I like that aspect.”

Kroll expressed pride in his team’s performance against A&M Consolidated, particularly noting that their Sophomore running back Traeshawn Brown surpassed 100 yards. “It makes me smile knowing I’m doing my job right,” Kroll said. His efforts have not gone unnoticed; he was recently honored as the Offensive Player of the Week. “O-line doesn’t get any recognition half the time, so it makes me a little excited to know that I got enough recognition just for blocking people,” he added.

Addressing the shift in team chemistry due to his role change, Kroll mentioned his teammate Brian Parker, among others, as significant influencers. “Switching over was kind of hard at first last spring because I had no clue what to do. But Brian Parker helped me out a lot just understanding the plays,” he said.

Stepping into a leadership role as a senior, Kroll emphasized the importance of balanced focus between the game’s tactical and fun aspects. “Some kids focus too much on the aspect of football and not just going out there and having fun. But some kids, they don’t know that they’re having too much fun and they gotta take it back a notch and just try their hardest,” Kroll explained.

Regarding the upcoming match against Bryan, Kroll has his eyes set on individual improvements. “My cuts can be better, and I aim to get at least five pancakes,” he quipped, referring to flattening opponents, not breakfast treats.

Away from the gridiron, Kroll shared his pregame rituals, which include prayer and reading Bible verses. A nickname from his past, “Possum,” may also make a comeback. “I’m great with it. My Papa Joe gave it to me as a little kid,” he said, showcasing his easy-going personality.

The interview concluded with Kroll expressing gratitude. “My family, God, all my friends, and even the people that don’t like me— they’re thinking about me either way,” he said.

For all the latest updates on the Huntsville Hornets, stay tuned to Hello Huntsville with Rob Hipp.

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