Huntsville Celebrates Texas Independence Day with Historic Traditions

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Huntsville Honors Texas History with Community Celebrations

HUNTSVILLE, Texas – The city of Huntsville is preparing to celebrate Texas Independence Day and General Sam Houston’s birthday on March 2nd, a day that has long been a significant local event.

Tracy Rikard, Tourism Manager with the City of Huntsville, shared details about the day’s festivities. “The city partners with the Walker County Historical Commission and Sam Houston State University for this event,” said Rikard. “It really is more of a Historical Commission event, but the city and the university have bits and pieces of it that we participate in.”

The day begins with a coffee and pastry reception at the Gibbs-Powell Home, followed by a ceremony at Oakwood Cemetery in front of Sam Houston’s gravesite. Local dignitaries will speak, give a welcome, and thank people for their attendance.

A highlight of the day is the “March to the Grave,” a cherished tradition at Sam Houston State University. Commencing at 10:15 AM right in front of the Old Main Pit (around the intersection of University Ave and 17th St.), students and faculty gather to embark on a nostalgic walk to Oakwood Cemetery. “It’s not as big and popular as it once was,” Rikard admitted. “They’re trying to bring it back and get people into it again.”

The event is open to the community. “Anybody can participate and anybody can go to the graveside ceremony as well,” Rikard confirmed. The ceremony is free and starts at 11:00.

Another unique feature of the day is the “Baptized Texan” event. “We are registering people who are not from Texas that want to be considered Texans,” Rikard explained. “We do this whole little ritual of baptizing them and that’s in partnership with the county and with the Historical Commission as well.”

Participants can register online at Those who register ahead of time are invited to a luncheon at the Sam Houston Memorial Museum, where a keynote speaker will give a speech and presentation. The luncheon fee is $20, and registration is open until February 29th.

This year’s Texas Independence Day promises to be a memorable celebration of history and community in Huntsville.