Huntsville Hornets Shine on National Signing Day

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J.T. Kroll Leads Trio of Hornets to Collegiate Football Dreams

On February 7, National College Signing Day brought a sense of pride and accomplishment to Huntsville Hornets Head Football Coach Rodney Southern and his exceptional athletes. Among them, several players pledged their commitments to various colleges, marking significant milestones in their football journeys. One notable commitment was made to the Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks, highlighting the dedication and achievements of these athletes as they embark on the next chapter of their academic and athletic pursuits.

Coach Southern shared his thoughts on the unique journeys of his players, including Kroll, Bryan Redd, and Daniel Cruz. He highlighted how each player brought something special to the team and their individual paths to college football. “Well, all three of them are kind of unique,” Southern remarked, emphasizing the distinct qualities and contributions of each athlete to the Huntsville Hornets.

J.T. Kroll’s transition from defense to offense showcased his versatility and team-first attitude, qualities that Southern believes will serve him well at the collegiate level. “JT’s story was kind of he was a defensive guy. We convinced him to play O-line and obviously that’s where he’s going to be at the next level,” Southern explained, underscoring Kroll’s adaptability and potential.

Bryan Redd’s journey to finding his place on the team as a tight end was highlighted by Southern, along with Redd’s exceptional strength as a powerlifter. Redd signed with Bethany College in Lindsborg, Kansas. Daniel Cruz’s path was noted for its family legacy and quiet determination, with Cruz set to continue his career at Navarro Junior College, hoping for further opportunities in the future.

Southern also shared a touching anecdote about Kroll, showcasing his compassion off the field. After a game against Texas City, a photograph captured Kroll consoling an opposing player, a moment Southern described as a genuine reflection of Kroll’s character. “That’s not rehearsed, obviously. And JT’s just a compassionate guy,” Southern said, highlighting the importance of character in his athletes.

As these athletes embark on their next chapters, their stories reflect not only their achievements on the field but also the values and lessons learned through their high school football careers. Coach Southern’s pride in his players’ commitment, discipline, and resilience shines through, emphasizing the impact of high school sports beyond wins and losses. National Signing Day, for Southern and the Huntsville Hornets, is a celebration of hard work, personal growth, and the beginning of new journeys in college football.

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