Huntsville Hosts Enchanting Texas Medieval Merriment Festival

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Kijana Wiseman Leads Transformation into Magical, Medieval Experience

Huntsville is gearing up to welcome a unique cultural event, the Texas Medieval Merriment Festival (TMMF), slated to be held at the Walker County Fair Grounds from February 16-18, 2024. Spearheaded by the renowned singing storyteller and performer Kijana Wiseman, the festival is transforming into an enchanting celebration of medieval and magical themes, drawing in enthusiasts from across the state.

A Celebration of Fantasy and History

Initially envisioned as a Renaissance event, Wiseman’s influence has steered it towards a more inclusive medieval and fantasy theme. “I changed it from a Renaissance festival to a medieval and magic-themed event,” Wiseman explains, “because I think what happens is people get caught up on not having Renaissance clothing. But when I changed it to ‘who or what do you want to be,’ it’s medieval and magic, so it’s fantasy.” This innovative approach encourages attendees to embrace their creativity, adding a dynamic twist to the festival.

Embracing Community and Culture

Wiseman’s deep roots in storytelling and performance are central to the festival’s ethos. She views it as a joyous celebration, an opportunity for community engagement and cultural expression. “The merriment is that it’s not a Renaissance festival. It’s a festival where people come, it’s playtime, it’s costume playtime in the winter,” she says. Her commitment is to create an event where “everybody goes away happy,” reflecting her experiences and the inclusive philosophy she cultivated during her time in the Peace Corps.

A Tapestry of Activities and Attractions

The festival promises a rich tapestry of activities catering to all ages, from medieval-themed games and performances to educational workshops and artisan stalls. With over 100 vending booths, ample parking, and a range of attractions, the event is set to offer a diverse and engaging experience.

Looking Ahead

As the Huntsville festival gears up to be a unique blend of medieval and fantasy elements, it stands as a testament to the power of imagination and community spirit. “It’s medieval and magic, so it’s fantasy and medieval. People are excited by the concept. It’s playtime, it’s costume playtime in the winter,” Wiseman reiterates, highlighting the festival’s appeal.

The event also supports the Houston Informer Foundation, Inc., contributing to community projects and the revival of the “Huntsville Informer” as a souvenir book. For more information, visit

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