Local Business Owner Valerie Morel Teams Up with Boys and Girls Club for Teen Holiday Wishlist

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Huntsville Entrepreneur Valerie Morel Champions Teen Holiday Wishlist with Boys and Girls Club

HUNTSVILLE, Texas — In a heartwarming community effort, Valerie Morel, the owner of Bonnie’s Hideout and Tap Truck Outlaws, has partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Walker County to support local teens this holiday season through an Amazon Wishlist initiative.

Morel, a long-standing member of the Huntsville community, shared her journey, from salon owner to entrepreneur, during a recent interview. “I grew up here in Huntsville, went to every school possibly built here,” Morel said. After a successful career in hairdressing, Morel pursued higher education later in life, achieving a master’s degree in education.

Valerie Morel, right, and her husband Dave Morel pose in front of their innovative ‘Tap Truck,’ a key feature of their business Tap Truck Outlaws, bringing unique mobile bar experiences to events in Huntsville.

Her current ventures, Bonnie’s Hideout and Tap Truck Outlaws, reflect her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to the community. The Tap Truck Outlaws, featuring a unique concept of a mobile bar in a vintage truck, caters to various events, including family-friendly gatherings. “We can do birthday parties, anniversary parties, weddings in the pasture,” Morel explained, highlighting the truck’s adaptability.

Bonnie’s Hideout, an event venue in Huntsville, offers comprehensive services for various celebrations. “We’d love to get Sam Houston State using our facility for meetings, any kind of workshops,” Morel added, emphasizing the venue’s capacity to host diverse events.

The focus of her latest endeavor, however, is the teen-focused holiday initiative. “As kids get older, I think the teenage group kind of gets missed and overlooked,” Morel observed, pinpointing the need for more inclusive holiday efforts. “We’ve got to rally around these kids and let them know that they are just as loved at Christmas time.”

The Amazon Wishlist, curated in collaboration with the Boys and Girls Club, aims to fulfill the wishes of 19 local teenagers. “We’re going to have a dinner just for those teenagers,” Morel shared, outlining plans for an exclusive celebration for the teens. The wishlist, accessible at tinyurl.com/huntsvilleteens, features a range of affordable items specifically chosen for these young individuals.

This initiative, highlighting a frequently overlooked demographic during the holiday season, underlines Morel’s dedication to her community. “They’re our future,” Morel said, “We need to love on them as much as we can.” Her efforts, supported by local businesses and individuals, aim to bring joy and recognition to these teenagers during the festive season.

To contribute to this cause and bring holiday cheer to Huntsville’s teens, visit the Amazon Wishlist at tinyurl.com/huntsvilleteens.

For more information about Bonnie’s Hideout, Tap Truck Outlaws and the Boys and Girls Club of Walker County, visit their respective websites below.

Bonnie’s Hideout – https://www.bonnieshideout.com/

Tap Truck Outlaws – https://taptruckoutlaws.com/

Boys and Girls Club of Walker County – https://www.walkercountykids.org/

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