Magnolia Kennel: Excellence in Pet Boarding and Community Service in Huntsville

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Uniting Passion and Community in Every Bark and Tail Wag

HUNTSVILLE, TX — Nestled right off I-45 in Huntsville, Magnolia Kennel stands as a testament to dedication and passion for animal care. Owned and operated by Stephanie Vallie and her husband, Scott, the kennel has been a part of the community since 1998, offering more than just boarding services.

Stephanie Vallie shared her journey with us. “I came to Huntsville in ’81 to attend Sam Houston State University and stayed to start a family and a career,” she said. Before opening Magnolia Kennel, Vallie worked as a drug dog Sergeant for TDCJ and contributed to training dogs. “I decided to open a kennel and semi-retire from the state,” Vallie recalls.

Stephanie Vallie (left) and her husband Scott (right), the owners of Magnolia Kennel in Huntsville, TX, pose in a casual setting away from their kennel.

Reflecting on the early days of Magnolia Kennel, Vallie notes, “It started with an idea and a couple of acres sold to me by a neighbor. Now, we’re not just a kennel; we’re a community.” Her husband, Scott, has been an integral part of this growth, handling much of the maintenance and contributing his skills in woodworking and construction.

The couple’s commitment to community and animal care goes beyond the kennel. They have been involved in various local initiatives, including donating animal oxygen masks to fire departments. “It’s important to us to give back and be a part of the community,” Vallie stated.

Magnolia Kennel, described by Vallie as a place “where dogs get to be dogs,” offers a range of services. From traditional kenneling to doggy daycare, the facility is designed with the animal’s needs in mind. “We’ve evolved from a prefab building with chain link runs to a more sophisticated setup, always keeping the dog’s needs at the forefront,” Vallie explains.

Vallie also emphasizes the importance of choosing the right kennel for your pet. “It’s not just about finding a place for your dog; it’s about finding the right place for your dog,” she advises. With a philosophy rooted in love for animals and community service, Magnolia Kennel has become a beloved part of Huntsville.

For more information about Magnolia Kennel and its services, visit The Vallies continue to serve the community with the same passion that has driven them since the beginning.

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