Sam Houston Statue Dons Houston Texans Jersey in Celebration of New NFL Look

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Houston Texans Celebrate New Jerseys with Iconic Sam Houston Statue

HUNTSVILLE, Texas — The towering Sam Houston Statue, a prominent feature along Interstate 45, was dressed in a new Houston Texans jersey this week, drawing attention from travelers and locals alike. The event marks the NFL team’s unveiling of its latest uniforms.

Standing 77 feet tall, the statue, known as “A Tribute to Courage” and often referred to as “Big Sam,” was fitted with a large blue jersey designed to replicate the Texans’ new game-day gear. The jersey, which resembles a tarp more than fabric, covers approximately 20 vertical feet of the statue.

Located on the east side of the highway, the Sam Houston Statue is not just a sight to behold; it’s also steeped in historical significance. Erected in 1994 by artist David Adickes, the statue commemorates the 200th birthday of General Sam Houston, a pivotal figure in the Texas Revolution and the first President of Texas. The monument claims the title of “the world’s tallest statue of an American hero,” according to the Visit Huntsville TX website.

The jersey showcase, a collaboration between the City of Huntsville and the Houston Texans, aims to promote the team’s new “Color Rush, H-Town-inspired” jerseys. It will remain on display from April 23 to May 7.

Huntsville Mayor Russell Humphrey expressed enthusiasm for the promotion’s potential local economic impact: “The jersey display is expected to attract visitors from across the region and generate additional traffic to local businesses, including hotels, restaurants, and shops. We are thrilled to see its positive impact on our local businesses and the community. In addition to the economic benefits, the event showcases the city’s unique culture and attractions, further enhancing our reputation as a vibrant and exciting destination.”

The initiative has the support of the statue’s creator, David Adickes, and is part of a broader effort to engage the community and boost tourism in Huntsville.

Raw footage of the Sam Houston statue.

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