Meet John Hightower: The Mobile DJ Maestro Turning Every Event into a Spectacular Memory

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Crafting Custom Soundscapes for Unforgettable Celebrations

In a recent interview, we had the pleasure of speaking with John Hightower, the owner of HP Soundcraft, a dynamic mobile DJ company based in Huntsville, Texas. Known for creating unforgettable soundscapes for a myriad of events, John brings his signature energy, innovation, and professionalism to every venue he touches.

John Hightower, HP Soundcraft

Born to karaoke DJ parents, John’s love for music was ingrained from an early age. “It was only once I had my hands on a DJ console, that I immediately felt the passion for manipulating the tracks,” he explained, highlighting how this passion led him to establish his own business.

What sets HP Soundcraft apart from others in the industry? According to John, it’s the meticulous attention to communication with his clients. “I do feel that the communication that I have with my clients is such a priority to me, that I do my best to really provide what they envision,” he shared.

Throughout his career, John has spun tracks for some rather extraordinary events, including a memorable viking themed wedding where he dressed in costume and played the hand drums as the bride made her entrance on a boat rowed by her brother.

Customizing the music selection to suit different audiences and events is a cornerstone of John’s approach. His methodology is simple yet effective. “Communication is key, for me talking about music comes naturally,” he said. He encourages clients to share playlists that capture the vibe of their event or their must-play songs, allowing him to craft the perfect auditory atmosphere.

John’s equipment arsenal includes an all-in-one DJ console that integrates a computer, screen, turntable, and mixer. He prepares extensively, always carrying backup USB sticks filled with event-specific music, and taps into the streaming service TIDAL, built into his system, for on-the-fly requests.

A seamless transition between songs is critical to keep the energy flowing. John explained, “If you ever see a DJ listening through their headphones, they are likely listening to the next song to see how it will vibe and how to beat-match into the next track.”

When it comes to handling special requests from clients who may have specific songs or genres they want included, John goes the extra mile to familiarize himself with the music, even setting aside time to “school” himself if he’s unfamiliar with a genre.

On the challenges front, John admitted that emceeing doesn’t come naturally to him, but he’s found a workaround. “I really have to script everything out or else I’ll have no idea how to end my sentences,” he shared.

Behind the scenes, John’s work begins with initial consultations, followed by contract preparations, music downloading, playlist filing, and even writing a script for himself. His mantra is simple: Prepare, prepare, prepare.

John’s dedication to customer satisfaction is evident. “As a wedding DJ, you are typically trying to please a lot of people. Bride and groom are always first. But then there are the families, the friends, the venue, and even the other vendors. If I have extra time, I’m more than happy to help light candles and throw away trash at the end of the night,” he said.

John’s repertoire spans across weddings, birthdays, reunions, sweet 16s, quinceañeras, city events, benefits, and celebrations of life. His unique blend of professionalism, versatility, and deep commitment to his clients makes him a sought-after mobile DJ in Huntsville and beyond.

You can reach John Hightower of HP Soundcraft on Facebook, through his website, via email at, or by calling 936-217-3621.

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