COMING SOON: Sunbelt Tool Rentals Expands Footprint to Huntsville

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Enhancing Local Infrastructure with Sunbelt Rentals’ Arrival in Huntsville, Texas

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Updated December 14, 2023

HUNTSVILLE, Texas — In a significant development for the local business landscape, Sunbelt Tool Rentals, Inc. is set to establish its presence in Huntsville, Texas. As of July 19, 2022, the City of Huntsville reports ongoing construction activity at 715 FM 2821. A new project is underway for the construction of a 9,600 square-foot office and warehouse facility with a budget of $720,000. This development is currently in the construction phase and is believed to be the location of Sunbelt Rentals. Further details regarding Sunbelt Rentals’ expansion plans are pending confirmation, as Hello Huntsville has reached out to the company for additional information.

Sunbelt Tool Rentals, Inc. is a renowned leader in the equipment rental industry, recognized for its commitment to serving customers, communities, and the environment. With a widespread network of locations across North America and an extensive portfolio of products and services, the company has become synonymous with providing comprehensive solutions for a wide range of needs.

Job seekers in the Huntsville area will be pleased to learn that Sunbelt Tool Rentals has begun posting job listings for the upcoming Huntsville branch. One of the notable positions currently open is that of Service Manager, offering a competitive salary range of $54,000 to $75,366.35 per year. The position is designated as “On-site” and “Full-time,” making it an attractive prospect for those seeking stable employment opportunities.

According to the company’s website at, Sunbelt Rentals takes pride in constantly evolving its approach to customer service, community engagement, and environmental stewardship. This commitment has made them a trusted name in the equipment rental industry, and their expansion into Huntsville is a testament to their dedication to providing solutions for any job.

As this exciting development unfolds, residents and job seekers in Huntsville, Texas, can look forward to the positive impact that Sunbelt Tool Rentals, Inc. is poised to bring to the community. Stay tuned for further updates as more information becomes available.

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