Young Designer Receives Custom Jewelry in CASA Contest

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Sara Eunice Santos, 10, receives her winning design crafted by Elliott’s Jewelers at CASA in Huntsville

HUNTSVILLE, Texas – On July 1, 2024, CASA of Walker, San Jacinto, and Trinity Counties, along with Elliott’s Jewelers, celebrated the artistic achievements of 10-year-old Sara Eunice Santos, the winner of the first-ever CASA Jewelry Design Contest. The presentation, held at CASA in Huntsville, saw Sara’s imaginative jewelry design brought to life.

The event was the culmination of a contest launched during the “All About Kids Expo” in April, aimed at encouraging creativity among local children while supporting CASA’s mission. Sara’s design, inspired by her family, was chosen for its emotional depth and artistic expression.

Sara expressed her delight upon seeing her finished piece. “It turned out much better than I imagined,” she said. “I thought it was going to be all rubies, but the pearls and peridot made it even more special. I love it more than I expected.”

Elliott Herzlich, owner of Elliott’s Jewelers, reflected on the significance of the contest. “The idea for the event was to showcase the creativity of kids in our community,” Herzlich said. “Seeing a child’s drawing transformed into a unique piece of jewelry is incredibly rewarding. This piece is made of 14-karat gold, pearls, and peridot, making it an heirloom for Sara and her family.”

Herzlich also emphasized the importance of the collaboration with CASA. “For my wife and me, CASA has always been close to our hearts. We’re committed to supporting their mission in any way we can.”

Kimberly Weiser, Executive Director of CASA, shared her enthusiasm for the contest. “This project has brought so much joy to everyone involved. Seeing Sara’s design come to life and the happiness it brought to her family was truly heartwarming,” Weiser said. “We’re excited to make this an annual event and look forward to next year’s contest.”

Sara’s advice to her peers was simple: “Join the contest! It’s a great opportunity to share your creativity and maybe win something special.”

The winning design, valued at approximately $2,500, will serve as a lasting reminder of Sara’s talent and the community’s support for CASA’s mission to provide volunteer advocates for children in foster care.

About CASA of Walker, San Jacinto, and Trinity Counties CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) of Walker, San Jacinto, and Trinity Counties is dedicated to providing volunteer advocates for children in foster care. Through the support of community volunteers, CASA strives to ensure that each child in the foster care system has a dedicated advocate and the chance to thrive in a safe and loving home. For more information, please visit their website at

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