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Metering technology leader set to create over 50 new jobs, investing $3.5 million

HUNTSVILLE, TX – Zenner USA, a global leader in the water and gas metering technology industry, announced this week its plans to start assembly operations in Huntsville this coming October. The initiative represents a significant investment of $3.5 million in the region and is expected to create at least 50 new jobs initially.

Zenner USA, an offshoot of ZENNER, a company with over a century-long legacy in metering technology, operates in more than 100 countries. The company’s ethos is rooted in producing innovative products designed to meet the diverse needs of customers across the globe.

According to Huntsville Economic Development Director Tammy Gann, Zenner USA plans to occupy two existing buildings on a nearly three-acre property at 1981 Quality Blvd. The site will encompass various operations, including assembly, engineering, and testing of water and gas meters, as well as meter reading systems. These products will then be distributed domestically and internationally.

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Zenner USA, currently headquartered in Addison, Texas, and with an operational facility in Banning, California, has chosen Huntsville as its new manufacturing hub. Gann shared that Zenner USA is set to create “50 new full-time equivalent jobs with plans to expand the workforce in the future up to 100 jobs.”

Despite potential challenges arising from Texas’ personal property tax, Zenner USA is working with the Walker County Appraisal District to qualify for the Triple Freeport Exemption. This tax break could exempt some of the company’s inventory and supplies from property taxes.

To encourage Zenner USA’s investment and job creation, the city of Huntsville has arranged several incentives. These encompass waiving permit fees, providing a tax rebate equivalent to the property taxes due over a 10-year period, a cash grant for job creation equivalent to $2,000 per job up to $100,000, and a $75,000 relocation assistance grant, payable upon project completion.

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