Health and Energy Cloud 9 Blaine Mann Blaine Mann, owner of Health and Energy Cloud 9 in Huntsville, Texas, stands proudly outside his store, which recently celebrated 33 years of serving the community with health and nutritional products.

Health and Energy Cloud 9 Marks 33 Years of Nutritional Excellence in Huntsville

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Health and Energy Cloud 9: Over Three Decades of Nourishing Huntsville’s Health and Community

HUNTSVILLE, TX – Health and Energy Cloud 9, a cornerstone of health and nutrition in Huntsville, celebrated a remarkable 33 years in business this week. Owner Blaine Mann, who’s been at the helm since the beginning, looks back with pride and gratitude at the store’s journey and its continued commitment to community well-being.

The idea for the store originated from Mann’s background as a nutritional broker. Tired of extensive traveling from Biloxi to El Paso and several other places, Mann identified Huntsville as a community that lacked competition. “Huntsville was the only town of any size near where I lived where one of my customers didn’t already live,” Mann said. “I felt like I shouldn’t go into business with people that paid my bills, so I just opened up here in Huntsville.”

Customers gather at Health and Energy Cloud 9 in Huntsville, Texas, to enjoy a health-focused lunch, underscoring the store’s role as not just a nutritional outlet, but a community hub as well.

Walking into Health and Energy Cloud 9 feels more like entering a cozy living room than a retail establishment. “It’s like a family room, but like a family with a family room,” Mann shared, emphasizing the community spirit fostered within the store. Over the years, it’s become a hub for health-conscious individuals and curious newcomers alike to discuss, learn, and share.

A hallmark of the store is its continuous innovation in health products. Mann himself has designed roughly 140 different products over the years. When asked about his undying passion for the industry, he responded, “This is a complicated situation. People think it’s kind of simple because it’s vitamins. But it pertains to the entire body.” Mann believes in the importance of continuous learning, ensuring that he stays updated with the latest research and trends in the field.

But at its heart, for Mann, the store is about the people. “Just the people,” he said, reflecting on the most joyful part of his 33-year journey. From the thousands of contacts he’s made to the loyal customers who’ve been calling from all over the US, Mann appreciates the human connections the most. Notably, a team member, Susy Black, has been with him for over 27 years.

While Health and Energy Cloud 9 is primarily known for its supplements, it also offers a range of healthy lunch options. They began serving lunch about 25 years ago, and their menu has expanded from simple soups and sandwiches to a varied selection of healthy meals, including customer favorites like cowboy soup and chicken enchiladas.

Health and Energy Cloud 9 is open from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday, with lunch served between 11 am to 3 pm.

As for the future? Mann hopes for continued success and innovation, though he humorously doubts he’ll be around for another 33 years. Nonetheless, his passion for health, nutrition, and community remains unwavering, a testament to the store’s enduring legacy in Huntsville.

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